The latest batch of booksellers’ labels – more tiny typography.


I thought you’d like to see how much the entrance to Luton bus garage changed between 1934 and 1955.


Some favourite spots at night… I’m wandering aimlessly a lot lately. Trying to keep myself from being at home…


Françoise Hardy walks in the streets of London on the eve of her performance at the Eurovision Festival in March 1963.🌸

Norway seems rather short of ghostsigns, so it was a treat to stumble across the Electric Blue Cafe, near Ramberg in the Lofoten Islands.

There are many interesting ways to injure yourself in Norway, and signs to accompany them.

There is much to delight the visitor to the ‘New Church’ in Olden, Norway. Built in 1934 it looks quite conventional from the outside, though the slightly cubist Jesus above the door, suggests there’s some more interesting stuff inside. And indeed there is, from carved angels to a spectacular organ, architect Daniel Muri has pulled the stops out.