Stock British fun fair poster from long ago, when a go on the dodgems required a suit and tie or your best frock.


Animals smoking and drinking, 2

The second poster in our occasional series dates from 1925 and the hand of designer Carlo Biscaretti. No monkeys were harmed in the making of this poster however, because if you look closely (and in accordance with local Italian advertising rules), the cap is still firmly on the bottle. 

Outdoor ads in 1920s Germany

Here’s a little selection of posters and painted ads from late 1920s’ Germany and Austria as featured in a booklet from 1931 called Reklame und Heimatbild, which translates, clunkily, as Advertising and Homeland Image. I suspect that this selection shows us three examples of ‘bad’ advertising practice and one ‘good’ but my German isn’t up to confirming that. All fascinating nevertheless, including that bit of Bauhaus lettering on the Innsbruck tennis tournament poster.

Morning, noon and night? Three different but equally enticing Mont Blanc poster treatments from 1928 by Georges Dorival.