Two of my favourite things

Our visit to the US and Canada, ends with two of my favourite things, a cinema building and a ghostsign. Hail the Roxy, a run down late 1940s masterpiece in Coleman, Alberta.

That neon sign, that sheet metal, at least two layers of Pepsi advertising, and a corrugated iron barrel of an auditorium make this a fitting conclusion to the tour.

Leftover Londoner’s holiday is over.

And as a bonus from Missoula, not strictly ghostsigns because both establishments appear to be thriving, but great signs!

W is for Walthamstow

The much loved neon sign at the ex-Walthamstow Stadium is lit again after a comprehensive refurbishment by local craftsman Andy Cook. Andy first worked on repairs to the signage 20 years ago as an apprentice and was called in by the stadium redevelopers to bring the sign back to life after eight years of darkness. 

Its former sorry state reflected the fortunes of greyhound racing, once a sport with mass appeal for Londoners, but now barely surviving. 294 homes, designed by Conran & Partners, are being built on the site.

Said Andy (above, tube bending by hand and flame): ““I think to have it restored is far better than having it made new because you would have lost the history of it. It kind of tells you a little story, how those days everything was lead coated afterwards to to give it longevity.”