The elegance! The clarity! Mapping by Stanfords for London Underground in 1935.


Harry Beck’s other map

Harry Beck is, of course, best known for changing the face of transport mapping, with his original London Underground diagrammatic map in 1932. Three years later, applying the same principles, he produced this little gem for Imperial Airways. This was in turn used in part by Laszlo Maholoy-Nagy in 1937 when he created the remarkable poster below, a most unusual (and not very successful) cartographic mash-up.

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London now in 1801 map style

The Ordnance Survey is celebrating its 225th birthday by producing a map of modern London in 1801 cartographic style including, of course, numerous features not present two centuries ago – such as railways, the Blackwall Tunnel and the cable car across the Thames. Cartographer Chris Wesson has kept fonts, terminology and design as close to the orginal Ordnance Survey style as possible and copies of the full map due to go on sale in due course.