Both of these lovely Paul Catherall prints are on display at the St Jude’s In The City exhibition, at the Bankside Gallery until Sunday 4th December. Routemaster at King’s Cross above, and St Paul’s Cathedral below. More info here. I’ll show you what I bought, tomorrow.



Gail Brodholt ‘Walkers Court, Soho’

 Walked this today, love Soho, my favourite place in London.

And of course, the home of London’s oddest window display – the racing car and rocking horse, much featured in this blog.

This striking linocut portrait of London-born actor Clive Brook by Lill Tschudi dates from 1930. Film actor Brook had already starred in many silent films and successfully made the transition to sound, becoming the first actor to play Sherlock Holmes in a talkie, in 1929. Clive Brook (Broken Window) is to be auctioned next month.