The bookplate of Willesden Green Public Library, c.1900. Willesden is, I believe, largely unchanged and still an oasis of bucolic charm.


Outdoor ads in 1920s Germany

Here’s a little selection of posters and painted ads from late 1920s’ Germany and Austria as featured in a booklet from 1931 called Reklame und Heimatbild, which translates, clunkily, as Advertising and Homeland Image. I suspect that this selection shows us three examples of ‘bad’ advertising practice and one ‘good’ but my German isn’t up to confirming that. All fascinating nevertheless, including that bit of Bauhaus lettering on the Innsbruck tennis tournament poster.

Bonsoir Pyjamas is still just about visible high above Turnmill Street in London.  Founded in 1926, the company is still going strong as Bonsoir of London. Ideal wear when smoking a fag and wearing stout slippers, below.