More views from inside the old hydroelectric power station at Tyssedal, near Odda, Norway. I love the sparky electric detailing to the paintwork on the walls.


First batch of views from inside the old Tyssedal hydroelectric power station, near Odda, Norway.


Three Mills Wall River, Bow London

The Three Mills Wall River is part of a system of canals and waterways that once powered the mills located at Three Mills and just beyond on what is today the London Olympic Park. An old industrial slice of London where grain, gin and acetone were once produced is slowly being eroded by the march of apartment blocks and the alure of canal side living. I am sure a few vestiges of the industrial past will remain, perhaps a lone chimmney – to remind the new residents of what came before here.

The name Hunter Penrose may mean something to lovers of the graphic arts. The originator of The Penrose Annual in 1895, a brilliant annual survey of printing techniques and technological advances, AW Penrose merged with Hunters in 1927 to become one of the UK’s leading printing supplies companies. No longer at their dilapidated Southwark Street site, above, the firm continues to trade in London. The Penrose Annual was produced by a variety of publishers up until 1982.