Andrew Murray’s pleasing take on St Katharine’s Dock, featuring the steam tug Portwey, now moored in West India Dock.


Let’s start the day with a colourful splash of Frank Brangwyn – not one of his claustrophobic, doom-laden etchings of London in the rain this time, but instead a look at Spark’s Wharf, Limehouse. 

Below London Bridge again

A few more striking photos by Charles Tomlinson from Below London Bridge, the book he published in 1934 with his father, the journalist and author HM Tomlinson.

They show a side of London that has entirely disappeared. Above is “a scene in the Royal Albert Dock… the entire length of the dock on both sides was occupied by modern ships of great size, most of them actively loading or discharging cargoes.” Below, “a familiar landmark and tavern sign in High Street, Poplar”.

A London bookshelf, part 17

Below London Bridge was written by HM Tomlinson with photographs by his son H Charles Tomlinson and published in 1934. It describes, and pictures, their walks of discovery through London’s docklands at a time when the docks were full of ships and the area teeming with commerce and labour. It is a look at a world now completely lost, described unsentimentally by a renowned author and journalist, and made all the more fascinating by some 40 evocative photos. Here are just four:

Copies are available second hand from around £5, or £20 with a dustjacket.