Enid Marx
Textiles, linocuts, children’s books, patterned paper, & stamps too. At last exhibitions such as Ravilious & Co at The Towner, a book next year from Alan Powers, and her own exhibition in 2018 at The House of Illustration. You’ll hear much more about Marco in the next 18 months.
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In 1930, the Design & Industries Association published The Village Pump, a coruscating attack on the design and signage of petrol stations, which concluded by hailing Esher Filling Station, above, as a masterpiece. The sites below didn’t fare so well.

This looks like a good event: Vaughan Oliver (4AD/Pixies/David Lynch) in conversation with Adrian Shaughnessy, plus a panel of punk luminaries including Russ Bestley (Punk scholar), Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks), Mark Perry (Sniffin Glue/Alternative TV) and Tony Brook (Spin/Unit Editions) discussing the design and music eruption of the late 70s, and early 80s. Logan Hall on 10th November. Details here.

London now in 1801 map style

The Ordnance Survey is celebrating its 225th birthday by producing a map of modern London in 1801 cartographic style including, of course, numerous features not present two centuries ago – such as railways, the Blackwall Tunnel and the cable car across the Thames. Cartographer Chris Wesson has kept fonts, terminology and design as close to the orginal Ordnance Survey style as possible and copies of the full map due to go on sale in due course.

The London Transport Museum’s ‘Designology’ exhibition opens tonight and a visual feast it is too for anyone who loves London and the pioneering design work of its public transport provider. Broadcaster Robert Elms spoke at a launch event last night and described how we’re surrounded in London by the fruits of this work every day (much more so than any other major city), how we tend to take it for granted, but how much it contributes to London’s brilliance. Some of the usual posters are on display, but actually it’s the maps, tickets, signage, technology and architecture that make this a must-see show.


Design 1959.
Modernizing British Transport.
Ken Garland cover for the November 1959 issue of Design, the official organ of the Council of Industrial Design. Ken went on to design for Galt Toys and many others, a guru of British Design.
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