Henly’s Car Showroom and Service Station, Great West Road, Brentford (1937) by Wallis Gilbert & Partners

Image from RIBApix

I love a good service station.



British Railways Offices, Queens Road, London (1937) by H.T. Cadbury-Brown.

H.T Cadbury-Brown, known as Jim, was born in Hertfordshire in 1913, and after attending Westminster School studied architecture at the Architectural Association. After leaving the AA, Cadbury-Brown worked for Erno Goldfinger before winning a competition to design two office for British Railways, one in Queensway and the other on the Strand. 

Image from RIBApix

There is much to delight the visitor to the ‘New Church’ in Olden, Norway. Built in 1934 it looks quite conventional from the outside, though the slightly cubist Jesus above the door, suggests there’s some more interesting stuff inside. And indeed there is, from carved angels to a spectacular organ, architect Daniel Muri has pulled the stops out.

Architect Per Grieg designed buildings in Bergen from the 1920s to the 1960s. I particularly like his 1938 department store for Sundt. The bronze statue atop the tower is Mercury.


Poplar Baths, Completed 1932

… opened in 1934 and designed by Borough Engineer Harley Heckford (good name). Closed in 1986 and restored some 30 years later by architects Pringle Richards Sharratt. The old main pool (see below) has gone to be replaced by a sports hall and a new pool next door.