Roland Davies designed this dramatic 1950s’ warning. Worryingly, the man in the yellow car is wearing a hat which, according to my late father, is the sign of a terrible driver. Also, by the state of the cyclist’s suit, he falls off his bicycle regularly.


a London bookshelf, part 21

Former Metropolitan Police detective Robert Fabian (aka Fabian Of The Yard) published a revelatory exposé of Soho vice in 1954, titled London After Dark. Among much about prostitution, ‘dope’, ‘perverts’, black magic and general crime, all viewed via a full set of 1950s morals, are these atmospheric (uncredited) photos.

The Intrepid Fox instantly positions this as the corner of Peter Street and Wardour Street.

London After Dark by Robert Fabian was published by The Naldrett Press in 1954. A second hand copy will set you back about £10.

I thought you’d like to see how much the entrance to Luton bus garage changed between 1934 and 1955.

Abram Games designed this cover for a 1953 issue of Graphis magazine which had an extensive feature about his work, noting that he had produced over 160 published posters during his career to date. As ever, there’s a mastery of shape and space here that other 20th century designers found difficult to match