The bookplate of Willesden Green Public Library, c.1900. Willesden is, I believe, largely unchanged and still an oasis of bucolic charm.


The joy of signwriting

Lettering effects for modern signwriters. One of the magnificent plates from 1900, featured in Der Praktische Schildermaler (The Practical Signwriter) by Hans Jedlitschka.

Ever wondered how those signs got there? If you’re in the US, they may have been put up by Sam W Hoke, long distance bill poster. Here he is, touting his remarkable services in the June 1900 issue of Profitable Advertising.

This c.1900 view of St Paul’s and Ludgate Hill is carefully angled to avoid the ugliness of the old Ludgate Hill railway bridge (now demolished). There’s the pub sign of the King Lud in view (before it became the Old King Lud and where I was thrown out once for criticising the beer), and signage for long-established Ludgate Hill businesses Treloar’s Carpets and Benson’s Watchmakers. From London In Colour Photography by the Photochrom Company.