Goodbye Angelucci’s

One day it was there:

And the next it was gone:

A Angelucci, coffee specialists, had been a Soho institution for years, proudly sporting “est.1930” on the awning which used to hang above the shop. It features in many atmospheric photos of soho in the 1950s, next to Continental Fruit Stores on the corner with Old Compton Street.

Though it closed a couple of years ago, the shop sign was still there on 13th February when I took the top photo. By last week it, and a little bit of Soho history, had gone. [You can still get proper coffee at The Algerian Coffee Stores in Old Compton Street, though.]


One thought on “Goodbye Angelucci’s

  1. If you are a coffee lover, A. Angelucci are still trading although not in Soho any more sadly. Our family run business has now moved to 472 Long Lane, East Finchley London, N2 8JL. Our famous Mokital®, blend of coffee which has been used by the Bar Italia since 1949 to this very day is still very much in demand. Find out more about our coffee on our facebook page.
    My grandfather (A. Angelucci) said this of coffee ” A mornings necessity, and an evenings pleasure”. A sentiment which the entire Angelucci family echoes to this day.

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